February 2, 2033. People everywhere are gathered to celebrate the arrival of the morning light. They have forgotten about the groundhog and his shadow. Instead, they are celebrating the message from the movie Groundhog’s Day.

It has become well known that we have the possibility of repairing the past. We look to the future to learn. Just One Generation is all we need.

Harold Cottrell tells his grandson about the Baby Boomers—the hopes and failures of a generation. Can this next generation be the one? In telling the story an unexpected journey is encountered on a path illuminated by the Light we cannot see.

  Read it. It will take approximately the time it takes to canoe from Lynn Camp Creek to Big Buffalo Crossing on the Green River.

Just One Generation: Repairing the past - Learning from the Future is published by: Compari Inc. Publishers, 308 Madison Place, Ky 40508 U.S.A.

“My old friend Harold Cottrell has woven a most wonderful literary tapestry from the silken threads of personal reflections, spiritual insights, and social vision. I am sure that it will bring reading pleasure and profound inspiration to all who have the good karma to encounter it.”

Glenn Mullin, Author of 30 books on Tibetan Buddhist culture

Just One Generation is an intriguing journey. Fifty years of stories from the past along with twenty years of stories from the future will both entertain and challenge the reader. The Baby Boomers were a generation of hope—dreamers who would see the world being a better place to live. What did the Boomers do to make things better? Is it too soon to ask such a question?

Just One Generation chronicles the author’s coming of age starting in the ‘60’s with the struggles his generation faced and takes you to the retirement years. Interesting stories are told that promise to become timeless treasures as the world looks back on the Boomer’s generation. Idealistic dreams get lost as the generation develops through the “Polyester ‘70’s”, the “Reagan ‘80’s”, the dawn of the Information Age, the media hype of a new millennium, 911, Iraq War, recession—not just the idealistic dreams get lost—the Hope of the generation is lost.

Harold Cottrell tells his story in a very engaging, humorous way. Some stories sound like Forest Gump, others like Carlos Castaneda—but the real voice comes from a country boy from Kentucky who is living a remarkably interesting life in his search to find knowledge, wisdom and truth. In the movie Groundhog’s Day, Bill Murray gets to re-live the past over and over until he gets it right. You might say he repairs the past. Is the life of this man, Harold Cottrell, and the stories he tells about repairing the past?

Just when it seems that life has no real meaning and hope is lost forever, a wonderful thing happens—Harold Cottrell becomes a grandfather. Hope returns. But he looks around and asks the questions, “What will the world be like for my grandson’s generation? What will it be like to reach responsible age at a time when machines will have the same processing power as the human brain? Where is the Hope?” There is only one way to find the answers Harold is seeking—Travel to the Future and learn! Yes, this book is about repairing the past and learning from the future. You just have to read it.

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